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Labour law Attorneys in Centurion

“As labour creates the wealth of the country, we demand the passage of such law as may be necessary to protect it in all its rights” – John Peter Altgeld.

In ensuring that the passage of law is maintained and the protection of both employer and employee rights upheld, our team of labour law attorneys in Centurion strives to provide our utmost in the provision of excellent services in the Labour & Employment Law sphere. We host a dedicated panel of attorneys that specialises in providing assistance and advice in both the public and private labour law sector.

Our attorneys assist in dispute resolution in the following instances:

  • Private forums,
  • Statutory forums,
  • Bargaining councils,
  • The council for conciliation, mediation and arbitration (CCMA),
  • Civil and labour courts.

We ensure that rights and obligations in the working sphere are regulated and provide assistance and advice pertaining to, amongst others:

  • Unfair labour practices,
  • Retrenchments,
  • Salary disputes,
  • Harassment, and
  • Unfair dismissals.

Our area of labour law expertise further includes:

  • Disciplinary investigations and enquiries,
  • Drafting of a wide variety of employment-related policies, procedures, and contracts,
  • Restraints of trade, and
  • Legal advice on all existing and new employment related legislation.

We also provide services for:

  • The chairing of disciplinary hearings,
  • The litigation stemming from:
    • Disputes surrounding dismissals, strikes and lock outs,
    • The review of CCMA and/or Bargaining Council, as well as
    • Arbitration awards.

The development of Labour & Employment Law in South Africa is constantly evolving and we, as a firm of driven and focussed attorneys, take all the necessary steps to ensure that we constantly grow in our vast knowledge over this progressive development to ensure that our advisory function and assistance is of the utmost quality and professional standard.

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