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WJvR Attorneys: Specialising in Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

We provide comprehensive services in the accommodation of our client’s needs in wills, trusts and estates. In the providing of these services we consider it vital to enlighten our clients on the principles as well as the importance of being in possession of a valid and up-to-date will and a sound and financially planned estate and trust.


A will is a written document that reflects one’s last wishes and command in terms of how his/her assets are to be distributed among his/her heirs. For one’s last wishes and commands to be followed accordingly, it is critical that a valid and legal binding last will and testament is in place. To avoid any unwelcome surprises such as the intestate succession process from ensuing or the lengthy delays in the administration of an estate, a valid and legal binding will need to be present. Every person over the age of 16 who owns any assets, and who is of sound mind, should have a valid will. The validity of one’s last will and testament is the determining factor of whether one’s legacy will either be upheld or diminished.


Trusts are most commonly used to protect assets, preserve wealth and minimize any unnecessary estate taxes. To put it more simply, a trust is a fiduciary arrangement between the founder of the trust and the trustees and beneficiaries. A trust can protect and arrange the distribution or safekeeping of assets for the beneficiaries and future beneficiaries until it is the wish of its founder to distribute the assets.


An estate exists of the net worth of a person’s wealth and debt at time of death. Before any assets of your estate can be distributed to the chosen beneficiaries, all outstanding debts will be deducted from your estate. It is thus crucial to do the necessary estate planning to avoid leaving your beneficiaries with unwanted debt.


It is better to plan and make provision in advance than to leave your loved ones with unwanted surprises. Without the necessary and pro-active steps, your legacy and wealth could quite easily thus be destroyed. We can assist you with all the above to prevent unwanted surprises and unnecessary delays.

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