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Commercial & Corporate Law

At some point, every business will need a commercial lawyer for their business. Whether you are hiring new staff, negotiating business contracts or selling a portion of your company, you need an experienced legal expert to advise you, prepare your legal documents and protect your legal rights.

Avoiding the potential consequences of a bad contract and getting more favourable terms for your business starts with having access to a legal specialist. At WJvR, our team will assist you with all your queries regarding commercial law. Our services include:

The Drafting And Negotiating Of Contracts

Our corporate attorneys will guide you on all contracts, written and oral, that may impact on your business. If a party fails to perform their duties under a contract or agreement, we can give you the legal representation you need to pursue a breach of contract case. The experienced contract lawyers at WJvR can resolve contractual disputes in and out of law and we will represent you in court.

Research And Legal Opinions On Agreements

The litigation and arbitration of issues pertaining to agreements need to be carefully negotiated. Whether you are dealing with a one-page contract between an employer and employee or a complex, multi-party commercial contract between a number of stakeholders and companies, our commercial litigation team can represent you.

Litigation Relating To Commercial Law

As corporate attorneys, we know that our clients often want to do everything possible to avoid potentially time-consuming and costly litigation cases. Before taking a matter to court, our team of commercial lawyers goes through a number of dispute resolution processes so that any matter can be resolved as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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